Flexpoint Tractor Hitch System

The FLEXpoint® Story

This patented design was created by a savvy businessman during his years operating a California horse ranch. He had many visitors who came with horses, trucks and trailers. Obliging the variety of hitches that accompanied them was frustrating. He searched in vain for a hitch system that would indulge all. At a flea market one Saturday afternoon he purchased a receiver hitch for his pickup and then spent several more hours cutting it apart and rewelding it to mount on his tractor's three-point hitch. The rest is history.

Nathan worked alongside the founder and inventor of the FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch System for ten years. Nathan formed his own corporation, Summit Fabrications, LLC., and purchased the assets and inventory from the owner. His corporation is licensed to manufacture the hitch using the FLEXpoint® Hitch patent and trademark. The FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch is a classic example of American ingenuity at work.

Today Nathan is proud to continue Summit Fabrication’s legacy of innovation and quality workmanship.

“I am thrilled to be able to do what I love, while making a quality product that is as unique as it is useful. I hope you enjoy using your FLEXpoint® Tractor Hitch—and happy pulling!”

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